Women’s History Month: Honoring IAQ Industry Leaders

In honor of Women’s History Month, IAQA is recognizing some of the female leaders in the IAQ industry.
First, there is Dr. Alice Hamilton. Dr. Alice Hamilton was the first U.S. physician to devote herself to research in industrial and occupational health. She was Harvard’s first woman professor and achieved major accomplishments in industrial hygiene and toxicology. Her research in understanding carbon monoxide poisoning and mercury poisoning resulted in the first state legislation aimed at safeguarding workers’ health.
Our second featured industry leader is Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale is known as the founder of modern nursing, but her less well-known contribution to medicine is her work on ventilation and hospital design. She was one of the first to recognize the importance of air quality in the treatment of hospital patients. Nightingale has seen and approached the problems of the indoor environment in its entirety and we thank her for her pioneering contributions.
Our last honoree is IAQA’s very own Lisa Rogers. Lisa was elected as the First IAQA Vice President for her extensive background in the IAQ industry. Her experience includes over 30 years in the environmental health and safety field with a focus in the last 20 years on indoor air quality litigation support, expert witness testimony, and complex technical evaluations.
IAQA is fortunate enough to have a female leader like Lisa who is looking to expand the organization internationally, identify gaps in educational offerings and fill them, and build a strong Women in IAQA program. IAQA is excited to see where the future takes us with even more strong female leaders by our side.