Why You Should Care About Legislation Impacting IAQ

Are you properly informed about local and federal legislation in the works that could affect you and your business? The answer is likely no – because it is very difficult to navigate through the thousands of state and federal laws in various stages of progress – introduced, in committee, crossed over to the other legislative body, or enacted as law.

With IAQA’s new Legislative Center, we’ve done the work for you! Our Government Affairs Committee has identified what Federal and State bills you need to be aware of to act to stop them before becoming law, support their enactment or ensure compliance of laws. We provide simple ways for you to act with easy access to decision-makers.

Whether you’re a business owner, a professional in the IAQ space, or an individual with an interest in indoor air quality, you need to be aware of potential laws that could affect you. Legislation can affect you or your business either positively, such as providing a new business opportunity that could increase sales, or negatively such as making it harder or more expensive to do your job.

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Interest Topics:

Biologicals (bacteria/microbial, indoor allergens, Legionella)
Chemicals (carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, lead paint, mercury, PCBs, silica dust, VOCs)
Indoor Air Quality
Ventilation & Filtration

Check out the preview below to see what IAQA members see on the Legislative Center. The following is an example of one topic – Asbestos! On the official Legislative Center (members only) you’ll see all the topics noted above. Click on your state to find all the bills in various stages i.e. introduced, in committee, crossed over, etc. related to that topic. Click on any bill number/name to see the full detail including contact information for sponsors of the bill.


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