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Barun Aggarwal

Barun Aggarwal

CEO & Founder

Breathe Easy Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi, India

Candidate’s Bio:

Barun Aggarwal is a serial entrepreneur with a versatile background and international experience spanning 25 years in several continents. Currently, he heads BreatheEasy Consultants Pvt Ltd – a full service Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution provider whose focus is not only Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) but also energy conservation.

He has co-authored a book – “How to Grow Fresh Air”, published by Juggernaut books.

He is a founding member of Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA), USA – India Chapter and the immediate past chapter Director for IAQA, India Chapter. Currently he holds the position of Membership Chair, India Chapter.

He is a member of ISHRAE and is a founding member of the IEQ Committee of ISHRAE that has developed the first international standard for IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) – published in 2016. He is also Technical Group (TG) Chair for Indoor Air Quality TG under ISHRAE. And a member of the COVID-19 HVAC Guidelines committee.

He has served on the Indoor Air Quality assessment working group of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC)

He is a member of ASHRAE (India Chapter) and has been a member of the Board of Governors (BOG) of ASHRAE (India Chapter).

He is a Climate Reality leader trained by Vice President Al Gore. His passion for the environment, takes him around the world to speak on air quality, water quality and climate change.

He teaches a course on Human Wellness in the Built Environment at the School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi as visiting faculty. And has taught a fellows program on Air Quality at Anant National University.

He is even more passionate about the social impact of outdoor air pollution and has co-founded an NGO – Care For Air ( – that creates awareness about air pollution and its health effects in India. The goal of Care for Air is Awareness, Advocacy and Change. He takes the message of air pollution and climate change to school children around India.

Previously, Barun founded and ran TalentGenie, Inc. a US and India based outsourcing play in the recruitment space. He is a partner at PikPerfect AG, a photobook design company, based in Zurich and New Delhi. Before this, he worked at Concurrent Computer Corp (NASDAQ: CCUR) for 8 years in various capacities, heading European sales and business development before leaving.

He has an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management, UNSW, Sydney, Australia and the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, NC, USA.

Barun, an avid golfer relocated to India in 2010 and currently, lives in New Delhi with his wife and two children. He also enjoys running, reading and hiking.

Candidate’s Goals for IAQA Board:

  • Get the International Chapters more active into the activities of IAQA
  • Build a more robust offering for members
  • Build on the name and credibility of IAQA as an organization
Dennis French

Dennis French


MBC Group
Alberta, Canada

Candidate’s Bio:

Dennis became involved in Air Quality testing in 1984 originally testing air for chemical and biological
warfare agents through a contractor working for the Department of National Defense. He then progressed
into testing air quality for operating rooms and electronic and pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

In the late 1980s he became involved in the Asbestos industry and started testing buildings for mold
issues in 1992, even before the Health Canada Guidelines were established or the New York protocols to deal with mold.

Dennis started DF Technical & Consulting Services Ltd in 1998 as a single owner operator and
progressed to 4 locations in Alberta with a staff of 22 people providing professional Air Quality
consulting services to the Insurance industry, Property Managers, Owners and Government facilities.
After selling his firm in 2019, Dennis now sits on the Board of the new Organization (MBC Group) as
an advisor.

Dennis also sits on the ACAC Board for CIEC review and is also involved in the IICRC 700 series
standards related to wildfire and structure fire restoration. Dennis has been involved with IAQA back
when the IESO was involved in the courses and examinations and has carried multiple IAQA/ACAC
certifications for more than 15 years.

Dennis has also been recognized as an Expert witness for the Court of Queen’s Bench in the province of
Alberta since 2000 and is also a recognized instructor in many facets of Air quality including Mold,
Asbestos and Industrial Hygiene.

Candidate’s Goals for IAQA Board:

  • Enhance industry and regulator awareness to the organization
  • Review membership engagement
  • Review programs for current relevance and possible new program streams
Greg Long

Greg Long


IAQ Consulting LLC
Texas, USA

Candidate’s Brief Bio:

Greg has been active in the IAQ industry for over 40 years. He personally has been involved in
large projects all over the country. He owned and ran an IAQ service company for over 20 years.

His companies serviced the HVAC restoration market, fire and flood restoration market,
microbial remediation market and contents cleaning market. Greg has dedicated himself to serve
these industries. He is currently offering his experience and expertise by consulting within these
fields. He has also dedicated many years to the study and execution of proper coil cleaning
methods and means for increased performance and energy savings.

Greg is currently serving of the board of directors of the Indoor Air Quality Association and is
involved in the development of new programs to help train and educate members. He has served
on the board of directors of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association and currently serves on
their standard writing committee. He served as chairman of the advisory council for the indoor
air quality program at Texas Tech University. Greg holds a Class A HVAC contractor license in
the state of Texas.

Greg would like the opportunity to continue to work on the programs he is involved with for
IAQA and serve its members with integrity and devotion.

Candidate’s Goals for IAQA Board:

  • Work with diligence on new ideas and programs to expand the growth and stability of the IAQA Association.
  • Work on methods to grow the recognition of IAQA and its members.
  • Find ways to make IAQA more beneficial to its members.

Ivi Sims

Ivi Sims

CEO & Founder

Building Environmental Wellness Group
Bayswater, Australia

Candidate’s Bio:

Ivi Sims is founder and CEO of the Building Environmental Wellness Group. With a cohort of like-minded indoor air quality and restoration professionals, Ivi helped to launch the Indoor Air Quality Association Australian chapter in 2016.  Ivi has a diverse background in the assessment and remediation of contaminated indoor structures. Ivi is a former owner of an Australian restoration operation, and foremost specialist in the drying of timber structures and flooring. Ivi holds certifications through the IICRC as well as being a Certified Water Loss Specialist (WLS) and Mold Professional (CMP) through the Restoration Industry Association. This experience places her in a very strong position to understand what practitioners need and to help grow the Association.

A deepening long-held passion for indoor air quality made the move to providing drying and monitoring equipment to those engaged in all stages of maintaining safe indoor air quality an inevitable journey.

Being a strong believer in giving back and continuous learning Ivi volunteers in various committees such as the ASTM D22, IICRC committee, AIRAH Special Technical Group for Indoor Air Quality, the Victorian branch of the Australia Timber Flooring Association and the IAQA (US) membership committee.

In its 3rd edition with more than 2500 subscribers, Ivi help found the recent Australian “IAQ magazine” in 2020. The magazine focuses on promoting Indoor Air / Environment Quality, Restoration, Building Science, and Innovation.

Ivi’s goal for 2022 is to help promote and broaden the IAQA presence in the business community, promote best restoration knowledge, and to make organizations aware of the unique and extensive training opportunities that IAQA provides.

Candidate’s Goals for IAQA Board:

  • Help promote IAQA internationally
  • Help provide information to help Australia to setup IAQ standardization
  • Help promote IAQ by workshop , article, and presentation

Luke von Oldenburg

Luke von Oldenburg

Certified Industrial Hygienist

Atlanta Health & Safety
Georgia, USA

Candidate’s Bio:

Mr. von Oldenburg is a Certified Industrial Hygienist, a Certified Hazardous Material Manager, a Certified Safety Professional, and a Certified Indoor Environment Consultant.  He currently sits on the national board of Indoor Air Quality Association, and the local board of Alliance for Hazardous Material Managers. He is currently the chair for the IAQA Education Committee. Additionally, he is a certified mold, asbestos, and lead based paint inspector and asbestos inspector, He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and has spent 10-years as a contractor for the US EPA investigating and remediating Superfund, CERCLA and RCRA hazardous sites stretching from Anchorage Alaska to the British Virgin Islands.  Earlier in his career he worked in an organic laboratory performing chemical extractions and data analyses.

Candidate’s Goals for IAQA Board:

  • Complete the new IAQA University Courses for VOCs and MVOCs.
  • Getting more webinar speakers for our members.
  • After the VOC courses are completed, ask the members what is the next topic they need more information on, and then create those courses.
  • I am also in communication with the Allergen Association. My goal there is to make IAQA the field professionals providing useful information to the client and their medical professionals