We’ve all heard of indoor air quality -the incidence of asthma, allergies, and other lung diseases has risen over time. How does cigarette/pipe/cannabis smoke penetrate the paint on the walls and the carpets? How does it affect those in homes or offices? How can it be removed, so good indoor air quality is restored?

The objective of the Ecobond® Indoor Air Quality study was to validate that Ecobond® Odor Defender effectively reduces hazards and odors from thirdhand smoke and ammonia (pet urine) significantly improves indoor air quality. The study proves that Ecobond® OdorDefender substantially reduced scientifically measured emissions originating from reemitted hazardous indoor air pollutants. Ecobond® OdorDefender provides a simple paint on solution to reducing common indoor air quality hazards, thus improving the indoor air quality.

  1. Introduction

Ecobond® OdorDefender® (EOD) is a specialty developed, professional grade, high quality paint infused with Eco-Friendly, highly effective odor blocking and odor absorbing minerals, and biopolymers. It is specifically designed for sealing and blocking dangerous fumes, and lingering odors resulting from the secondary effects of marijuana, cigarette, fire smoke, and pet urine. EOD will help seal and block odors and smoke residue to improve healthy indoor air quality standard.

  1. Hazards of Residual Smoke

New scientific studies show that smoke residue will re-emit hundreds of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) long after a smoker has vacated the premises1. It has been documented that both tobacco and marijuana share many VOCs2 so the results of this experiment are pertinent to both marijuana and tobacco smoke. For this experiment, marijuana was chosen as the primary pollutant because of its similarity to tobacco emissions and unique smell. Using the list of compounds identified in marijuana smoke by the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), several of these can be detected using method TO-15: acetaldehyde, acetone, benzene, 1,3-butadiene, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK or 2-butanone), naphthalene, styrene, and toluene. A subset of these, (acetaldehyde, benzene, 1,3-butadiene, and naphthalene) have been identified as being cancerous by OEHHA and the State of California. For this experiment, total VOCs were measured as well as specific compounds that were chosen to demonstrate the versatility of EOD’s capabilities; acetone, MEK, and naphthalene. Ammonia was measured as pet urine is a common indoor air quality contaminant as the urea in urine breaks down over time into ammonia3.

  1. National Expert Air Quality Testing Company

Air Sciences Inc. was chosen to perform the air quality study to identify and quantify compounds emitted from exposed material before and after the application of EOD. Air Sciences is a nationally recognized, industry leading expert that specializes in air pollution and air quality. They have 30+ years of experience in service for both industry and government including mineral extraction and refining, power production, natural gas processing, chemical manufacturing, painting processes, and pesticide formulation. They have worked closely with both the EPA and federal land managers.

  1. Experimental Program

The 30-day study took place from February 26, 2019 until March 28, 2019. High concentrations of marijuana were infused into drywall to simulate a house that had been smoked in for many years. Additionally, a high concentration of ammonia was used to simulate many years of pet urine contamination.

The application of EOD reduces the emissions from ammonia by 99% from a hazardous level (OSHA TWA for ammonia is 35 µg/L) to a level undetectable by the human nose (3 µg/L). The ammonia (NH3) concentration on Day 0 was 36.15 µg/L air. The concentration of ammonia measured in the chamber sharply decreased on Day +1 (4.97 µg/L air) and continued to decrease through Day +28 (0.372 µg/L air).

  1. Conclusion

Indoor air quality was vastly improved by the application of Ecobond® OdorDefender.

  • Ammonia concentration was reduced by 99%
  • Total VOC was reduced by 92.3%
  • MEK was reduced by 90%
  • Complete arrest of naphthalene
  • Acetone was reduced by 75%

Based on the results from the total VOC analysis and the individual compound analysis, this study provides scientific proof that when applied to a surface that has been exposed to the hazards of thirdhand smoke or ammonia caused from pet urine, Ecobond® OdorDefender® paint reduces the emissions of toxic VOC’s associated with third hand smoke and ammonia, thus providing substantially improved indoor air quality.





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