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Cincinnati-OH Chapter
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Event Date * Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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8:00:00 AM
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9:00:00 AM
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Dry Effect Restoration Services
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1045 Hopkins Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45203
United States
Phone Number (513) 763-2121
Fax Number (513) 763-2120
On-site Contact Name
Lisa McIntyre
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Presenter #1 – Name *
Kristin Szava
Title of Presentation *
COVID Cleaning Protocols
Description of Presentation *
When you are combated with the astronomical costs to have swab samples taken being denied, know Kristin can provide you with the necessary COVID cleaning protocols to keep you safe and ensure they are effective.
Presenter #2 – Name
Tom Wehby
Title of Presentation
MicroShield 360
Description of Presentation and/or Presenter Info
Once and done. Effect 24/7 for one year. Let us solve your pain point whether it’s mold, odors or poor perception we can provide you with the ability to differentiate yourself while reducing any risk. MicroShield 360 has exbited 99.9999% reduction in surface contamination relative to a control after 120 individual passing’s.

What is MicroShield 360?

An EPA registered and FDA approved coating system that prevents pathogens from living on any treated surface. The system drastically reduces cross-contamination while also preventing mold and odors from ever forming. In all, MicroShield 360 prevents 90+ pathogens from living on surface.

Why is MicroShield 360 different from other products?

The application is performed once a year and provides constant preventative protection that works while people are in the facility. It provides a long lasting residual protection that reduces both labor and chemical cost. The electrostatic application applied with polymerized coating eliminates human error. It does not use poisons, is non-toxic and FDA approved for direct food contact surfaces as well does not leach.

How is MicroShield 360 applied?

The electrostatic gun ionizes the solution and applies a charge to the mist. This forms a covalent bond that cross-links and polymerizes itself and the target surface. This creates an uniform and cohesive web across the substrate. The room becomes ready immediately following drying of the surface which is approximately 5 minutes.

How does MicroShield 360 work?

MicroShield 360 works by constantly reducing pathogens on a surface. The nitrogen atom’s positive charge attracts the pathogen toward the coating. Long carbon chain pierces the pathogen and disrupts its physical structure. Once the pathogen contacts the nitrogen atom. It applies a charge which neutralizes it.

Event Schedule *
8:00- Registration & networking
8:10-8:30 Presentation 1
8:30-8:50 Presentation 2
8:50-9:00 Q & A and Networking
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Please call us at 513-763-2121 to register and send payment to ATTN: Lisa McIntyre 1045 Hopkins Street Cincinnati OH 45203. Only will accept Checks.
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