Annual Meeting Presentations Now On IAQA University!

This month the IAQA has just released the much-anticipated presentations from the IAQA 2020 Annual Meeting & Expo that took place in West Palm Beach, Florida from February 17-19, 2020 onto the IAQA University website. The IAQA Annual Meeting is one of the only events that brings together professionals from all aspects of the indoor air quality field and allows them to share ideas and learn from each other.

There were a variety of presentations presented at the Annual Meeting, on subjects ranging from mold, mycotoxins, legionella, healthy homes, and more! Some examples of these presentations are “IICRC Standards Review” by Lee Senter, “Wood Materials & Moisture Absorption: A Building Science Principle” by Ralph Moon, and “Duct Leakage and How it Impacts IAQ” by Mike Dexter. Now that those presentations are on IAQA University, those who were unable to attend the Annual Meeting are now able to view these presentations!

The Annual Meeting presentations will be available in the same way our individual classes are offered, through the IAQA University website, with the rates for non-members at $85 and the rate for members at $50.

We’re also offering the conference sessions in two different sized bundles! For the full bundle with 31 sessions, it will be $1495 for non-members and $995 for members. For a partial bundle with 20 classes, it will be $995 for non-members and $495 for members.

For our attendees, there’s a benefit for you too! All IAQA 2020 Meeting attendees will receive access to these presentation for free for a 6-month period. Attendees will receive a separate email with special instructions on how to access these courses. If you are having any trouble, please contact us with the link and we will be glad to help!

Another added benefit for everyone from these presentations being uploaded to IAQA University is that you can now enjoy the presentations from the Annual Meeting AND earn CE credits while doing so!

Our content for IAQA University is always expanding and now the Annual Meeting presentations can be enjoyed outside of the conference!

If you have any questions, please contact the IAQA team at