Maui Wildfires

The members and staff of IAQA are devastated by the losses from the wildfire disaster on Maui and Hawaii Islands. Our hearts and thoughts are with all the families through their loss and rebuilding. We want to encourage good rebuilding standards with the occupant’s health and environment in mind. IAQA remains a dedicated resource to you in rebuilding your future.

The IAQA Find a Pro Got a New Look!

Looking for a professional to assess a problem in your home? Are you a professional looking for a referral for a client? Look no further than the IAQA Find a Pro.

The IAQA Find a Pro is a search tool designed to help consumers who need a professional to assess their home and/or business, and to help other professionals find referrals for clients. Whether you have an IAQ emergency requiring immediate assistance, or want to assess and/or improve the air quality in your home, business, school, etc., the IAQA Find a Pro will connect you with the right professional to address your indoor air quality needs.

Introducing IAQA’s NEW Legislative Center

Are you properly informed about local and federal legislation in the works that could affect you and your business?

If your answer is no – then you need to check out the new Legislative Center!

Our Government Affairs Committee has identified what Federal and State bills you need to be aware of to act to stop them before becoming law, support their enactment or ensure compliance of laws.

Whether you’re a business owner, a professional in the IAQ space, or an individual with an interest in indoor air quality, you need to be aware of potential laws that could affect you or your business!

Check out the new IAQA Member’s Only Facebook Group!

We are so excited to launch this IAQA members-only Facebook group! This group was created to be a forum for the thought-leaders of indoor air quality to share information, ask technical and business questions, learn about opportunities, make personal connections and more!

Not a member? Click here to learn more and join IAQA to take advantage of this new member benefit!

See how IAQA can help you enhance yourself and your business. Watch the video to the right that showcases the key benefits of joining our indoor air quality community. From online and in-person education to networking with IAQ thought-leaders and obtaining leads through IAQA’s Find a Pro Directory – there are so many reasons to get involved.

IAQA focuses on engaging and educating industry professionals and the general public about indoor air